How to create beautiful plate

Do you guys know that to make the dishes look beautiful as the picture above, there are also 5 important things to know?

Following tips and trick below, to make such easier ways to decorate your dishes. 
  • Choose the perfect plate 
    • It's about the the right plate.
    • The right size.
    • And the right color.

  • When placing the ingredient
    • Remember the clock, put this in mind.
    • Then your base will be your moist ingredients.
    • Serve the odd amount of food to give assumption of more foods, such as 3 prawns, 5 mussels, 7 soft shells crab.
    • Place food to create flavor bites.
    • Remember not too overcrowd the plate!

  • Attention to details 
    • Think about color and contrast - are they same color ? or totally the opposite?
    • Create height, to catch the eyes.
    • Use texture to enhance the dish, whether it is soft? crumble?

  • Design and create with sauce

  • Use garnish purposely 
    • Choose edible garnish, remember, garnishes placed cause they can be eaten.
    • Place garnish purposely, not too big and not too small, just the way you think it's enough and not disturbing the main dish appealing.

Source : Google for images 
A basic guide to food presentation []


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